Fenster Cafe is the leader again! No cash, pay only by any bank card. A very first time in Vienna

Cards only No cash
Cards only No cash

Some have implemented just now and so proud of it, while other have already forgotten as it was realized long time ago. And we are and remain the only ones in Vienna.

We are again the one and only. And this time it’s about paying by card only.

In our Fenster Cafe and SashaCafe you can pay for your coffee by card only. Any card you have – bankomat, debit, credit, just any. With no exceptions. We do not have a cash drawer, and we do not give a change.

We have implemented this practice in Fenster Cafe from April 1 (a good joke that last long), but decided to point a good result only now, after we carefully evaluated how it works. And it perfectly works!

We do not spend a single second on get on and off the gloves to take payments in cash and counting change in coins, we do not run over the banks looking for available con for cash deposit and coins change.

And still, so many of you keep asking this question – why we are doing this? And we have a simple and short answer.

While everyone else is counting change, we make your coffee.

Accounting is our bank’s forte. Everyone does his part of the job. Our job is coffee. And what does your barista do?

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