Fenster Cafe

Fleischmarkt 9 (Google Maps)
1010 Wien

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 8:00-17:00
Sa, Su 9:00-18:00

Each day, every day!



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Fenster Café is a modern third wave coffeeshop where the coffee is served only through a small window. The inside of the café is reserved for the barista only, and coffee lovers can enjoy their coffee outside while admiring a wonderful view of the gate to Griechenbeisl, the oldest restaurant in Vienna or old city center in Bratislava

The coffeeshop has some unique things on the menu. We not only serve the best take away espresso in Vienna and Bratislava, but also delicious espresso-tonic, homemade cold brew coffee, classic coffee beverages and much more. Another specialty of ours is coffee served in a chocolate-covered ice cream cone. For milk-based beverages, we only use fresh organic milk, because we are not willing to cut corners: we don’t want to offer a taste that is anything less than perfect.

We also offer a variety of freshly ground premium coffee beans from recent harvests for your espresso or filter coffee machine. By the way, we roast our coffee by ourselves.

For our coffee, we use only the best state-of- the-art machinery.

We make our espresso with a three-group Sanremo Opera coffee machine. We could talk for hours about how great it is – so to make a long story short – it is the most amazing machine that makes the most amazing coffee!

We grind our coffee with Compak handmade grinders from Spain. They are extremely precise and grind the coffee beans just the way you need them to. This machinery guarantees a precise grind size and exact portioning, as well as a homogeneous grind and the perfect temperature and consistency of the ground coffee beans. The experts are amazed – and so are we!

We can also boast a precision Puqpress Q1 coffee tamper, a state-of- the-art coffee Acaia Lunar coffee scale, a Hauck coffee leveler, several Barista Space milk pitchers and other equipment that helps us get the best possible taste out of those coffee beans!

Our brand is characterized by matte black equipment. We even had to make some special orders and wait for quite some time, but it was definitely worth it.

Instead of mugs, we serve our coffee in special Green Box paper cups. They are organic, tasteless, and odorless as well as 100% recyclable. Our plastic cups for cold beverages are bio and 100% recyclable too!

All of our baristas are highly qualified and experienced. Sasha, the guy who makes most of the coffee most of the time, learned the trade in the best coffeeshops of Vienna and has trained under Gwylim Davies, the winner of the World Barista Championship. Sasha was one of the runner-ups of the Austrian Barista Championship 2016 (third place) and has extensive experience in coffee making.

We keep a close eye on the various methods of preparing coffee and on new recipes; we follow the newest trends and ideas in our trade closely. We also constantly create our own new recipes and strive to make every sip of our coffee a flawless and unique taste experience. Coffee is our passion and a big part of our lives, and we look forward to sharing it with you!