Marshmellowccino is a cappuccino with a special type of marshmallow. The idea was to do a very special variation of Wiener Mélange. Classical Wiener Mélange consists of black coffee (espresso), hot milk and whipped cream. But whipped creams are not good choice, it is boring. Whipped cream is not sweet and very fat!

So, we can try to do this drink with another topping. This time it was special type of marshmallow. And it was something!

Taste of this delicious hard to describing. Its taste a little bit bitter because of coffee, milky, creamy and sweet! Its taste like a milk ice-cream!

This drink was created by Sasha in Fenster Café on 22.6.2017. So, this is International Marshmellowccino Day! Till now you can try #marshmallowccino only here!