Coffee beans: Colombia – Finca Tamana

Country: Colombia
Region: Acevedo, Southern Huila
Farm: Finca El Recuerdo
Producer: Elias Roa
Elevation: 1430 m

Processing method: Cherries are handpicked, Double washed, Fermentation: 12 to 16 hours, soaked, slow dried on African beds in a parabolic solar dryer for 20 days.

Variety: Caturra
Crop year: 2017

Roastery: Lot 61

Flavor Notes:
Citrus fruit

Cupping score: 88

My mark is: *** very good

My recipe: 19 grams coffee beans / 38 grams ready drink / 12 kilo tamped / preinfusion 4 bar 12 seconds / extraction 6 bar 28 seconds

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